About Us

Our Goal

We are a GPU centric cloud desktop system, We offer a desktop over the cloud to any web browser,
A high powered graphics card for all types of computing needs from Machine Learning to CAD to Rendering & Gaming.
We offer Quadro, Tesla and even GeForce Nvidia cards through to your web browser via SSH, VNC & Jupyter Notebooks.

Our Promise

Our promise to our users is that we will not be beaten on price to performance,
We want to give access to high performance computing to everyone.

GPU computing has changed how we process data at exponential speeds compared to CPUs over the last decade and
we see a growing trend towards GPU hardware accelerated software, We feel a lack of GPU centric cloud solutions
in the market and we wanted to change this

Our Values

Our values main value, We want to make it as easy as possible to get access to a GPU for learning.
We believe the future is in a AI world and we want everyone to be able to train there models,
Not just the organisations with an endless account.

Next we strive for a simple and easy to use platform built around an amazing community.